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Creating A Comfortable Work Experience

Businesses are now designing office spaces that increase the amount of square footage per employee when shared work settings are taken into account. Many companies are expanding the selection of alternative places to get work done such as coffee rooms, cafes, and kitchen areas. Firms are also taking into consideration informal living room spaces, reading areas, and quiet zones.

Workplace efficiency is still important, however it is now also about having an office space that is successful at providing a comfortable and collective work experience for all employees” said Keith Knutsson of Integrale Advisors.

The amount of space at assigned workstations has not increased. However, there has been an increase in the development of comfortable workstations and other office spaces like conference rooms and living room-style seating areas.

These days, doing work in these shared work settings has become much more favorable by employees than traditional, assigned workstations. Office space designers and planners say they are seeing this shift across a range of industries. Companies are now building comfortable conversation rooms, living-room areas, and large cafes offering complimentary food and beverages. Workers are now able to change their work setting to suit their mood.

In recent years, many businesses have moved to more efficient workspaces. On the other hand, more companies are realizing that the cost savings of such a design could have diminishing returns in worker productivity. Now an increasing number of firms are deciding to make offices more attractive by adding communal spaces. Many allow workers to determine how and where they work in the office. Ultimately, creating a more pleasurable work experience for employees.

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