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U.S. Household Net Worth Rises in Q2

The total net worth of U.S. households is currently higher than ever, helped by improving home values and stock prices. According to the Federal Reserve, the net worth of U.S. households, the total of all assets minus all liabilities, rose by $1.7 trillion in Q2 2017 to a record $96.2 trillion.

“The U.S. household balance sheet is healthy and continues to be one of the key themes of our view that the current economic expansion is far from over” said Keith Knutsson of Integrale Advisors.

Household wealth in the stock market climbed by $1.1 trillion in Q2. Despite a smaller increase than in the first quarter, the performance still reflects a steady trend in equity prices supported by business and consumer confidence around the world.

The value of real estate in the U.S. rose by $564 billion last quarter. Home prices are rising at a perfect time when there is a high demand for housing and a continuously low unemployment rate. One of the reasons for why we are seeing an increase in home values is due to a low inventory of homes for sale. Economists are estimating that a third of all homes in the U.S. have regained their pre-recession values.

During the recession, the equity and housing market both took some heavy losses. U.S. households lost around $12 trillion in wealth. However, total American net worth recovered by the second half of 2012, and has seen an increase in most quarters since.

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