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Keith Knutsson States Outlook for 2015 Real Estate Market.

As the New Year begins Keith Knutsson has provided his assessment of the prospects for real estate investments in 2015.

Keith Knutsson states

“Here at Integrale Advisors we are expecting a strong year for Real Estate Investments. Two strong influences on the market this year are:

- Real Estate Market continuing to recover after the collapse and confidence is returning.

- Greater investment competition with both US and International funds looking to find investment opportunities in the US and European markets.

Integrale Advisors LLC has seasoned real estate professionals with in-depth real estate experience making investments and advising clients. Integrale adheres to the principles of extensive research, thorough underwriting, impeccable execution and alignment of the investors’ and management’s interests.

By building close relationships with local and national business leaders, market specialists, and real estate developers, Integrale is able to quickly respond to opportunities arising in the market place. It is this local knowledge that gives Integrale Advisors LLC the edge on identifying investment opportunities with strong return on investment potential that most Investment companies would miss. “

To gain a deeper insight into the market trends Keith recommends the well-respected annual report from Integrale Advisors LLC partner PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper). These studies are developed by conducting interviews with many of the industry leaders to get their deep market knowledge. These studies help us to understand common themes across the US and internationally. “We are excited to see such a strong return to sound principle investing,” stated Keith Knutsson.

PWC Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2015

With over 20 years of experience working in both the United States and European real estate markets, Keith Knutsson is currently the Managing Director of Integrale Advisors, Inc Integrale Advisors is a real estate firm focusing on off-market, undervalued properties; Keith Knutsson leads the company in all aspects of investment projects.

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