“Opening America Up Again”

The impact of the coronavirus has been devastating, impacting the daily lives of citizens and crippling economies across the globe. Social distancing has been imposed to reduce the extent of the virus’ spread within the United States. Although, undeniably, social distancing has decreased the exponential spread of the virus, it has subsequently halted our economy. Arising out of this conflict is the question: just how long can we keep our economy shut down? On Thursday, President Trump announced a broad 18 page plan for states least affected by the virus to begin the reintegration of state's communities and their respective economies. The three step process of reintegration consists of basic

COVID-19 Governmental Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be one of the most economically devastating events to ever be experienced. Across the globe, countries are being ravaged by the virus, causing families to retreat into their respective homes and, incidentally, destroy the supply chain in many markets. Furthermore, as the global recession continues to darken, consumers are inherently decreasing their expenditure, breaking down the necessary demand for goods that keeps the economy running. Thus, governments internationally are implementing massive economic stimulus plans to lessen the damage on smaller businesses and people whose jobs are directly affected by this outbreak. On Thursday, the Federal Reserve a

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