US-China Sign Phase 1 Deal

On Wednesday, President Trump officially signed the Phase 1 Deal at the White House, taking the first major step in reducing trade tensions with China. In summary, the trade deal focused on increasing Chinese expenditure on American goods, reducing theft of American corporate technology, and eliminating currency manipulation. By signing this agreement both countries are notably making an effort to cooperate and reduce the economic strain felt by both countries and the world. Although the results of the agreement do not solve many of the important issues that the United States has with China politically, such as cyberattacks on American companies, Trump claims a Phase 2 deal will remedy these

United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal

Commonly known as NAFTA 2.0, the United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal (USMCA) was recently passed through the House with bipartisan support and is expected to pass through the Senate early next year. The bill was signed by President Trump and the executive figures of both Mexico and Canada last year and continues to require approval from the respective countries legislative bodies. The lengthy legislative procedure associated with this agreement has given Pelosi and the Democrats time to bargain and adapt the USMCA to better suit their desires, such as the removal of certain pharmaceutical protections. The major alterations that USMCA asserts on NAFTA primarily revolves around car manufact

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