S&P 500 Reaches Record High

On Monday, the S&P 500 opened at a record high, signifying the current strength of the American economy. Seasonly, stocks are expected to soar around this time of the year, however, this record breaking opening for the S&P 500 means something different: the US-China trade war has not negatively affected the US economy as many investors and economists thought. Furthermore, the most impacted section of the American economy by the trade war with China, industrial companies, was seemingly the main contributor in the stock markets growth. According to CNBC, 206 of the S&P 500 companies beat 78% percent of analysts expectations. These statistic reveals the fear that many investors had regarding th

Unemployment Rates Reach 50 Year Low

On Friday, it was announced that unemployment rates fell 2 percent to a 50 year low (since December 1969) of 3.5 percent. A distinct drop in unemployment is commonly correlated to a drop in the labor force participation rate, however, the labor force increased by a solid 117,000 while participation rate remained unchanged at 63.2 percent. This new data exhibits a continually increasing labor force, a frequently looked for statistic used when measuring national economic growth. The main market that drove job creation was healthcare, which saw an immense bump of 39,000 new jobs that managed to mitigate a decreasing retail labor force. As fears of an upcoming recession has grown, investors have

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