The US Dollar Hits a 2-Year High

On Tuesday, The United States dollar index increased in value to 99.37, reaching a two year high. The dollar’s bump in monetary value has been an adverse effect of a slowing global economy. The United States and China’s trade war has drastically impacted the world’s ability to garner investment, produce goods efficiently and cheaply, culminating in global economic damage. Despite the United States being a primary perpetrator and direct recipient of casualties caused by this trade war, the United States economy remains strong in growth in comparison to the rest of the world. In tandem with the Euro reaching a three year low, and heightened interest rates, the dollar has raised in value. Norma

Stock Dividends Yields More than 30 Year Treasury Bond

On Tuesday, for the first time since the height of the last recession in March, 2009, stock dividends were earning investors more than 30 year treasury bonds. This phenomenon occurred due to investors becoming frightened from the trade war and pouring their wealth into safer assets. Despite the yield curve inversion being a common sign for a recession, the continual slide of the 30 year bond yield (to 1.961%) benefits the equity market and allows investors that are attempting to acquire long term assets to reinvest into safer stock options. The yield curve inversion could potentially be an extremely important facet to our current economy, especially with the US-China trade war scaring invest

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