U.S. record breaking expansion

The month of July marks the 121st month of economic expansion in the US, making it the longest run on record since the previous 120 months from March 1991 to March 2001. Not every month during this expansion has been smooth. Looking back to June 2009, the early months consisted of battling out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Since then, expansion has been supported by the central bank buying massive amounts of assets and extremely low interest rates. As this expansion ages, it’s becoming difficult to manage and experts are on the fence whether the US economy can maintain this growth. Because of the US trade war with China and persistently low inflation, investors anticipat

How the US-China Trade War is Impacting the Global Economy

Ever since US investigations into Chinese trade policies in 2017 led to tariffs on Chinese goods, there has been a continual standoff between the two largest global economies. With over 250 billion dollars worth of tariffs placed on Chinese goods and a reciprocating 110 billion dollars on American goods in 2018, the effects of the ongoing trade war are felt internationally. There has been a drastic adverse effect on the global economy that without remedy, could halt and even reverse global economic growth. Tuesday morning the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised its prediction for global economic growth in 2019, showing a 0.1% decrease from their previous forecast in April and a notable

GOP launches much-anticipated WinRed

After years of Republicans asking for a central, online conservative fundraising mechanism -- the GOP decided to launch WinRed. Which aims to attract small-dollar donors and convert President Trump’s popularity into success for other GOP candidates. Republicans have lagged the Democratic Party when it comes to small-dollar donors, but they hope WinRed will be an answer to Democrats’ ActBlue platform -- which has already raised over $174 million this year. Much like ActBlue, the new tool will create a centralized, one-stop shop for online Republican fundraising. Furthermore, the GOP took it a step further to separate itself from the RNC, by using WinRed to collect data on donors and add to Re

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