A Look at the new African Economy

The idea of China creating the $900 billion “New Silk Road” through a trade network reaching to Africa, is widely known to investors worldwide. This raises the question: why? How are the emerging markets in around the world developing to warrant such a mass scale project? Focusing on Africa, one of the targets of this infrastructure project, global business interest has blossomed. On a pure geography perspective, Africa’s land exceeds that of China, Europe, and the US combined. The population of Africa is around 1.2 billion and the continent hosts thousands of languages and economic diversity. Compared to the rest of the world stagnating in growth, Africa’s population is forecast to double o

Air Mobility and a Look at Infrastructure

The idea of air-mobility solutions for goods transport is appealing; over three billion gallons of fuel are wasted through traffic congestion, and people spend seven billion extra hours in their car due to them annually. These challenges are not expected to stop without technological development and have a high chance of intensifying through growing populations and rising urbanization projected to continue in the coming decades. Additionally, revolutionizing business to consumer transportation would allow companies to strategize their footprint positioning. With that information, unsurprisingly perhaps, investing in delivery and transport drones has been undertaken by tech giants and startup

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